Onions are arguably the most used ingredient in the world, but before they can be used, they first must be peeled.

Peeling is a hard process to automate because onions come in all sizes and shapes. The biggest cause of waste in the food processing industry is a result of equipment and machinery not being able to handle these size differences. Produce either gets wasted, or the equipment won’t do a good enough job of processing it.

M&P Engineering has tackled this issue, and the fact that our onion peeling machines can handle a wide variety of onions, is one of the many things has made our equipment so popular all over the world. But there are other benefits:

  • Our machines can peel up to 1,500 pounds of onions an hour.
  • Our machines can work with a wide range of product size and quality, with no need to change parts when varying onion size. The onions you would throw away, our machines can handle them!
  • Simple operation, with low labour required. Easy to operate, to clean, and to maintain.
  • Dry peeling process. Our machines use no water to peel the onions, meaning there is no waste slurry to deal with and the product remains dry.

This isn’t all though! To learn all about the many benefits of our equipment over other options available on the market, visit here.

Alternatively, speak to a member of our team to discuss your specific requirements.

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