M&P Engineering is a market leader in food filling equipment and has been designing, building, servicing, and refurbishing fillers since the early 1930s.

If what you require is a way to quickly and precisely fill and cap, the Monobloc Filler is the perfect choice as the rotary filler is combined with a capping system.

The fillers can be specially designed to fit the speed and volume requirements of our customers. Rotary machines are much more reliable compared to Inline fillers and are advisable for high speed applications. Monoblocs are often needed when space is an issue as both filler and capper are mounted on the same base.

The Monobloc Filler option does need to be designed around the customer’s requirements, and M&P’s experience means that we can provide the most suitable and cost-effective solution.


Here you can watch one of M&P’s Monobloc Fillers that we have custom-built.

Food Filling Equipment  Food Filling Equipment

Food Filling Equipment

This one has a 6 head 3 litre Rotary Piston Filler with a 4 head Zalkin Capper. Its maximum speed is 60 containers a minute, its volume capacity is automatically adjusted, and it can be linked to a checkweigher.

If you would like any more information about M&P’s filling equipment, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

M&P also has many years experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing food processing equipment. New technology is constantly being developed and improved to meet our clients’ needs. Our new food processing equipment has fresh cut in mind and allows for ready-to-eat fresh cut fruit and vegetables to be so much more easily prepared.

Watch our Apple Wedging & Coring Machine here.

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