Where the requirement is to fill and seal,  M&P Engineering can supply a Monobloc Filler.  The filling and sealing (plastics or foil) is performed ‘en-bloc’ in a single unit.

These units are specially designed and built to fulfil the customer requirements but will typically contain a standard rotary filler and incorporate a custom built or third party capper / sealer built onto a single base unit and enclosed in a single guard.

The Image shows a 24-head filler with a 5-head capper monobloc system, in this case filling chilli sauce. The unit has a single conveyor entry and exit,  is supplied with product and caps from above and has a single control panel.

The Monobloc option needs to be designed around the customer requirement.  Our many years of experience means that the M&P team can provide the most cost-effective, efficient and appropriate solution to your filling needs.

Contact us for more details about this or any aspect of our services.

  • Single drive unit
  • Space saving
  • Small footprint
  • Perfectly matched equipment
  • Lower running costs
  • Easier commissioning
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