M&P Engineering has a range of filling systems designed to meet the needs of a variety of filling duties where a rotary filler is inappropriate. A wide range of models and options allows the use of a wide variety of containers either as a stand-alone unit or over existing conveyor. Our engineers will tailor an inline filler system to meet the exact requirements of your product.

Inline fillers are highly configurable, the number of heads and ability to top or bottom fill into a wide variety of container shapes and sizes, in fact anything that can be moved on a conveyor.

Typical containers include jars, bottles, large plastics containers such as industrial buckets and even ‘bag in a box type containers’. The filler system can incorporate a conveyor or fill onto an existing line.

The typical achievable speed of inline fillers are from 10 to 90 containers per minute and can be used for ‘difficult’ products such as very light, foaming, structured liquids or colloids.

Because the Inline filler system is so configurable, each one needs to be designed around the customer requirement. You will find that because of our many years of experience, the M&P team can provide the most cost efficient, cost effective and appropriate solution to your filling needs.

Trials of Ointment Depositing Line 4ml at 800 cpm (200 per lane) using 2 off 24
Head M&P Depositors with heating elements to control temperature.

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