M&P’s new food processing equipment has freshcut in mind. New technology is constantly being developed and improved to meet the ever-increasing demand for fresh fruit and vegetables ready to eat. The Carousel Grid Cutting Machine is a precision engineered machine which cuts vegetables and fruit into fries, batons, wedges, petals and slices.

Carousel Grid Cutting Machine

Machine Features

Up to 4,800 Pieces Per Hour (40 cycles per minute)
24 Centring Pockets (Instead of 24 Pockets with sprung loaded jaws)
Simple fast changeover of tools
Discharge chute custom to suit out-feed
Grid Size 100mm Square (4″)
Maximum Price Size; 90mm (3.5″) Diameter X 125mm (5″) Long
Various Cutters
Square Cut; 7.5mm up to 20mm
Wedges; 6, 8, 10 or 12 Segments
Coring & Segmenting Combined Cutters
Slices; 10mm
Machine Specifications
1 Metre Square (3ft-4″) x 2 Metres High (6ft-6″)
Working Height; Approx, 950mm (3ft)
Machine Weight; 250 Kilos (550lbs)
Electric; 0.37kW Single Phase

Radish Top and Tailer

Machine Features

Up to 110 radished per minute
Tops and tails the radish
Manual orientation of radishes
Operator station with adjustable seat position for comfort
Emergency stop pusher plate for operator safety
Automatic pick up of radishes from stainless hopper using chain driven carriers
Continuous operation
No change parts required – manual adjustment of top & tail knives
Stainless steel construction
Variable speed drive with digital speed display
Health & Safety guarding to comply with CE regulations


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