When it comes to Easter decorations, we all know eggs are the stars of the show. However, onions are a versatile vegetable that can add a unique and unexpected twist to your Easter decorations.

One of the easiest (yet most captivating) ways to incorporate onions in Easter celebrations is by using them as a natural dye for Easter eggs. The skins of onions can provide a beautiful tint for the eggs, ranging from pale yellow to a deep purple. You may experiment with different varieties of onions for different shades, but the basic process is the same for all onions: boil the skins to extract the dye, then immerse the hard-boiled eggs and leave them to stain.

You can also use onions for floral arrangements, centrepieces, garlands, and much more! The trick is how to incorporate these with other elements, such as dried flowers, wooden beads, the stained boiled eggs, and even DIY pieces like Easter bunnies made from cotton and craft paper.

This Easter, let your creativity flow and give onions a chance to shine!

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